Chapter I

»If content is king, I'm his wife ;-)«*

Hi, I'm Veralou – your primary source of ideas and inspiration
for creative content & copywriting!

*) Image:, Cite: Vera Lou

Hi, I'm Veralou – your primary source of ideas and inspiration for creative content & copywriting!

In order to get the desired exposure and to reach your intended audience, you must convey a clear, transparent public image. Being a copywriter and content creator, I always aim to turn your messages into words and to give your ideas real shape and context. I enjoy working for major, dazzling brands like Strenesse, Swatch, Secret Escapes, Tommy Hilfiger and Yahoo! Search Marketing to RAL, Deutsche Telekom and DHL, but I equally enjoy working for smaller, less grandiose names. I am made of – what many would call – a somewhat unorthodox creative spirit with 20 years of experience in copywriting, PR, content planning and translation. I've been freelancing for companies, agencies, other creative professionals and NGOs since 2004.

Whether you need a press release, an advertising or a web copy, you'll never receive a cookie-cutter result from Veralou. I can quickly immerse myself in any topic, adhere to the desired style and register, and perform my work in a reliable and professional fashion. I deliver ideas, concepts, and translations, I conduct interviews and offer coordination. I enjoy what I do and I do it right. I'm delighted that my customers agree. Most of them appreciate straightforwardness and sometimes a coarse joke, too. Even at times when we're all drowned in work. If this is something you can relate to, get in touch. I am a Vienna-born girl with Romanian roots and a lion's mane. A wild mix? Roar, yes indeed, that's my trademark! Whether in my words or works, contents or concepts – I'm all for an honest and authentic approach. What about you?

20 years of experience as editor, copywriter, concept creator & qualified translator

Highly individual, targeted copy for web, advertising, PR & creative translation (transcreation)

Within the scope of IT, telecommunications, procurement, healthcare, lifestyle, logistics, fashion, travel, and more

Chapter II

»And what is the use of a book without pictures or conversation?«*

Messages that 'wow' and work. Clear talk across all channels.

*) Image:, Cite: Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Messages that 'wow' and work. Clear talk across all channels.

Brand-new transponder technologies, funky fashion, your procurement team's achievements, an extraordinary corporate or personal tale – so many stories are worth being told. However, they must adhere to a style that suits you and your business and hit the mark with the right audience – your target group. Content is capable of so many things – it can entertain, help, instruct, inspire, touch and seduce. And if the content you provide is valuable, convincing, authentic and magical, it doesn't matter which channel you choose. So let's get started, and make your messages stick!

Content Creation & Language Services (editing, copywriting & translation):

  • Web copy (from single pages to complete websites; blog posts)
  • Advertising copy (e.g. brochures, flyers, mailings, customer & employee newsletters)
  • PR copy (e.g. press releases, professional articles, case studies, white papers)
  • Transcreation (i.e. localization – adapting your website to a new linguistic and cultural area (German-speaking area) & creative translation – transferring English ad copies into German)

Concept (brainstorming/idea development, concept creation & planning):

  • Development of tailor-made editorial concepts (B2B / B2C)
  • Development of entire editorial plans (e.g. timing, format, keywords, responsibilities)
  • Support with creative ideas and topic development (esp. social media)

Content Services & Support:

  • One-stop shop: Comprehensive project management across all organizational levels (also in English)
  • Interviews, e.g. case studies, articles (also in English)
  • Text tuning: (SEO) optimization, editing, proofreading (also for English copy)
  • Participation in (project) meetings, on-site at customer's premises if requested
  • Setting up business-specific editorial and wording guidelines

PLUS – Unique Stories:

  • Ghostwriting (e.g. corporate books, biographies, life stories, etc.)
  • Storytraveling: Veralou's Blog
Chapter III

»Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast«*

Trust me – there is always a new idea waiting to be born

*) Image:, Cite: Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Trust me – there is always a new idea waiting to be born

Words and literature are my first love. After completing my qualifications as a translator and my English-Japanese studies (very exotic back then), I ended up in the PR and advertising industry. I earned my first stripes in the crazy fashion industry and later on moved into the realm of IT. Twelve years ago, freedom called and I am still following this call. Oh yes! Customers, channels, types of text, tonality – communication has so many face(t)s. I love making all texts strike a chord.

  • Work How do I work?
  • Costs How much do I charge?
  • Past Where I come from

I work reliably and with dedication, drawing from a wealth of ideas and ensuring punctual delivery. What exactly are you looking for? A single text or a whole package for your new website? Multiple case studies? Do you already have a content strategy in place or do you need support? What is your target group and what kind of message do you want to convey? Do you already have an idea of the text tonality? All these questions (and many more) will be discussed as part of our/in the course of our briefing dialogue. I am also happy to send you my briefing form in advance. (See here why briefing is essential).

My prices rank among the industry average. Of course, there are always cheaper editors and agencies around. But quality comes at a price.

I usually work on a project-basis. This suits most customers as it is the most flexible and affordable alternative. My hourly copywriting rate is €70 whereas my daily rate is €560. When it comes to creating web texts, customers often prefer standard lengths and formats –therefore a price per word rate applies starting at a base price of 11 cents per word for texts up to 300 words, and going down to 10 cents per word for longer texts. Prices can vary depending on the quality of the briefing (for further details see here), complexity and deadline.

All prices are subject to VAT. I am always happy to discuss your needs and prepare your personally tailored quote. Just send me an email or give me a call.

Chapter IV

»Take care of the sense, and the sounds will take care of themselves.«*

Sounds good. Like music to my ears.

*) Image:, Cite: Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Sounds good. Like music to my ears.

Enough about me – let‘s talk about my blog ;-). Well, not quite. Below, my wonderful customers have put their opinions of me into their own words. Thank you! If you need further references or up-to-date samples, just let me know.

  • Vibrio
  • Telekom
  • Aviconet
  • TransPerfect
  • iE e.V.
»vibrio has worked intensively with Vera Lampl for many years now and has enjoyed the cooperation. In almost all industries, on almost all topics, in B2B and B2C communication and on almost every level: From strategic consulting to text and journalist contact and all the way to event concepts – simply in the entire portfolio of communication work – we have always received reliable and perfect results. When we work with Vera Lampl, we know that our project in is in the best hands and that the results will be of superior quality. In particular when it comes to text quality, our standards are extremely high. However, Vera Lampl has always met these easily and without any fuss. Her texts – whether they're trade articles, press texts or invitations – are not only a close reflection of the briefing. They are also informative, fluid and true to style – and can simply be forwarded to the customer.«

Ruth Bachmann, Executive Director vibrio. Kommunikationsmanagement Dr. Kausch GmbH, Munich

»Before working with Vera, our team had tried working with six alternative writers. None of them could deliver the necessary quality or level of service we required. Vera was our luck number seven and we have worked with her ever since. It goes without saying, that professionally she does an excellent job – but she's also a real pleasure to work with. Vera has an infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude which adds value to everything she is involved with.«

Eleanor Schoop, Communications & Change / Corporate Procurement Strategy, Deutsche Telekom AG, Group Headquarter, Bonn

»Hi Vera, Tobias and I are just sitting here in my office over beer and cigars… and we‘re really happy to have the best verbal acrobat on board you can ask for! Our feedback in a nutshell: wicked!«

Holger Kobler, Aviconet GmbH, Tobias R. Hoffmann, Managing Director Aviconet GmbH

»Hi Vera,

Happy Friday!

I come with good news. Scotch & Soda have selected you as their preferred copywriter for German content. They were really impressed with the sample you delivered, and would like you to continue on in their preferred writing team. Congrats!«

Creative Project & Talent Manager | Creative Services (TCS)
iSP Amsterdam – A TransPerfect Company

»Vera Lampl has supported us in several projects. She delivers texts for brochures, folders and publicity work on time and without any complications. We also enjoyed realizing the relaunch of our website with her. With great competence and reliability, she helped us to create a useful compilation of texts and information, emphasize important information, explain facts in a clearly comprehensible manner and find a uniform language. The communication always runs smoothly and we are always extremely satisfied with the results. We feel like we're in good hands with Vera Lampl and have no qualms about recommending her work to others.«

Kevin Gillner, Chairman of the Management Board of international Experience e.V.